It’s KPOP! not HipHop Baby……

Philippines edition

Philippines edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Kpop?…. You mean HipHop?”  I hear that all the time from folks who are not hip on the Asian music.  Korean Pop music is the hot new “Asia Trend”! Originating from South Korea, this eclectic style of hip hop, dance, R & B and electropop music is hitting the charts all across Asia and Europe.  Recently, PSY’s Gangnam Style has gone wild and viral around the world, helping to open doors for Kpop music to reach more and more people with just one click.  One of my favorites Kpop artist is 2NE1.

Their debut song “Fire” was released May 6, 2009.  They have had many hit singles over the last 3 years including “Cant Nobody” Korean version released September 11, 2010 and “Cant Nobody” english version released January 19, 2011 in Japan.  “Naega Jeil Jal Naga” (I am the best) released June 24, 2011. Currently their 2012 “New Evolution”tour, will include Newark and L.A. along with 7 other different countries in their tour stops.  If you haven’t heard of 2NE1, please take a moment and give Kpop a listen.  This Asia Trend of Korean wave “Hallyu” is here to stay.

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