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Chasing waves and dreams……..

Kenji Croman's photo

Kenji Croman’s photo (Photo credit: zsoolt)

What makes a person successful?  Most would agree that it takes hard work, passion, support from friends and family and most important loving what you do.  I have only met a few who are truly successful.  One particular Asian American is becoming a superstar wave photographer in Hawaii, known for his breath taking photographs of unique wave barrels.  Kenji Croman is truly a success.  Chasing waves and his dreams, Kenji truly captures his love and passion with every wave snapshot.  Recently, he has started a kickstarter program called “Chasing Waves” to raise enough funds to travel to South America, enabling him to capture rare shots of unique waves.  He is not asking for charity, all monies raised will be going back into his work.  With as little as a $25 minimum pledge, you will receive a signed photo of your choice, 1 out 5 of his most popular and breath taking images on a quality 5×7 photo paper.  Recently, his beautiful wife wrote an amazing article on her blog “Island Fever Sisters” on the dangers her husband faces while chasing his dream.  All of his hard work has not gone unnoticed, Kenji recently was promoted on Ashton Kutcher’s Facebook and Twitter.  With all the support of his friends and family, no wonder Kenji Croman is so successful. Kenji Croman, an upcoming Asian American photographer.  He is “Asia Trend”!  He also is my brother…….I’m very proud of him.


Japanese Straight Perm

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodblock print, Japan, Taishō era, 1920 Goyō (1880-1921) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a Japanese Straight Perm?

Its a Japanese technique that uses thermal reconditioning to straighten your hair. Depending how long or how thick your hair is, this process could take up to 6 hours.  The results are silky, shiny, straight hair.  The results could last up to 6 months.  I have had this done to my hair several times.  I have gone to a few different asian salons and even to the pricey non-asian salon (totally not worth the money).  The best I have to say are the Japanese Hair Salons.  Not only are the results different (hands down), but if you’ve never been to a Japanese Hair Salon, you are missing out!

The major difference between a Japanese Hair Salon is the unique service you get.  From the moment you walk into a Japanese salon you will hear the traditional “irrashimasei”.  I love that!  Next difference is the Japanese hair shampooing technique which is a scalp massage and scrub.  Later you also get a neck and shoulder massage, hot green tea and sometimes japanese cookies.

My favorite salon is Axis Hair Salon located in Honolulu across Ala Moana Shopping Center Sears side.  Naoko Nakamura is the salon owner from Tokyo, she speaks english very well.  So don’t let that fool you when you call the salon, because they will answer the phone in Japanese.  Walking into Axis Hair  Salon is truly like stepping in a salon in Japan.  Axis Salon is sophisticated with a modern contemporary look that makes you feel so relaxed.  Naomi has current Japanese magazines with todays hair styles for men and women.  One of her popular services on her menu is called “head spa”, I truly recommend this!!!!  Axis Hair Salon currently does not have their own website, the website I referred to is .  Her popularity is all through word of mouth (thats how I found out about her 3 years ago).  She does take walk-in’s, but I truly recommend that you call for an appointment.  She is usually booked days in advanced, I have seen her turn people down.

Axis Hair Salon
1430 Kona St. #205
Honolulu, HI

Lots of free parking!!

(VIDEO) Gangnam Style PSY (ft. Hyuna)


PSY earnestly request “Do not fire, please”

14 lifeguards were fired after posting their version of “Gangnam Style” video on to youtube.  The City of El Monte, California did not authorized the lifeguards use of city property including the use of their city-issued uniform to make this video. The lifeguards said they made this video while on break over a 2 day period and meant no harm.  They just wanted to have a little fun.  PSY earnestly requested to the Mayor of El Monte “I’m begging you not to fire Please”.  As of today, there is over 1.7 million hits on their Lifeguard Style youtube video, over 16,000 Facebook likes on their “Bring back the 14 El Monte Lifeguards” page and over 14,500 signatures on their petitions. Will all this help? We will have to wait and see.

Korean Rapper PSY “Gangnam Style” Hits America

(video) Official psy PSY Gangnam Style

With over 200 million views, PSY’s Gangnam Style is iTunes #1 single chart song in the US, and in 31 other countries.  Yes, you heard right, in 31 countries!  Doing his crazy horse dance, PSY had appeared on the Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and MTV Red Carpet Award.  Good Morning America featured a segment on PSY and Extra had coordinated a flashmob doing his dance.  PSY has gone viral.  What is next for this Korean superstar?