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The Amazing Healing Power of Red Light Therapy


Originally developed for NASA to grow plants while in space, scientist have accidentally discovered the healing power of these light-emitting diodes or LED. At wavelength of 633 nanometers Red Light absorbs 3-4 mm under the skins surface, stimulating White Blood Cells, Adenosine Triphospate (ATP), tightening skin, smoothing wrinkles and increasing D-3 Vitamin.

Researchers have discovered that Red Light Therapy can eliminate: […read more]



Datsumo Labo Japan’s Hair Removal Spa



Datsumo Labo is Asia’s most popular hair removal spa.  Check out Japan’s website here.  This is Datsumo Labo website from Singapore.

We all wish to have that smooth baby soft skin, right?  Im very fortunate I don’t have too much unwanted hair.  But, for some, hair can grow thick and in places we wish not to have them.

There are many methods to remove hair.  Depending where the hairs are located you could tweeze, shave, wax or use depilatory creams.  But there are problems that come with these forms of hair removal.




Why Datsumo Labo?

1. Painless hair removal treatment with the latest State-of-the-Art Technology.

2. Affordable they have many package deals that you can choose from.

3. Money back  guarantee

So, I had to try this out while I was in Japan.

I first visited Datsumo Labo in the Tokyo Area.  But, unfortunately they do not offer any walk-in’s.  You need to make an appointment, Datsumo Labo offers a fast and easy 40 seconds on-line booking.  Heres the link for Japan and heres the link for Singapore.

They were wonderful enough to get me an appointment in Sapporo.  My first appointment was a consultation and paper work. Everything is written in Japanese and they will not be able to translate anything for you.  I was lucky enough to have my mom there for me.  She read everything  and explained what I didn’t know.  I was disappointed that they did not honor “15% off by quoting a blogger’s name”  they didn’t even know any bloggers on the Singapore’s website.

Here are some areas that are popular to remove hair from.



A few days later I came back for my procedure. I had my legs, under arms,  I line, V line and O lines done (Brazilian).  It was painless.  If you do get this procedure done they recommend that you do not go in the public bath house for at least 10 days.  So make sure you plan wisely since Japan has so many onsen and bath house.

Unfortunately there are no Datsumo Labo in America yet.  Im hoping someday they will decide to bring it here.


Getting ready for my procedure



Datsumo Labo


IMG_0884 2

Datsumo Labo in Sapporo is located in this building




Check out Datsumo Labo Youtube Channel (Singapore)




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Madonna Introduces Her New Skin Care Line In Japan. Watch it Now!

Madonna with MTG Beauty Company created her new line of skin care products.  MDNA consists of three products: Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvinator and The Serum, sold only in Japan. Unfortunately I didn’t see her products while in Japan. But you can at least see her commercial here.

The video in this post is not mine. Please see for more information on this product.

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Does your face give away your age?

Old lady

Old lady (Photo credit: N.Calzas)

Crepey skin and turkey neck can make you look older than you really are. Varying from person to person, signs of aging begins in our late 20’s (eeks!).  Sagging skin, crows feet and marionette lines (smile lines when your not smiling) are signs of facial aging. Smoking, pollution, sun exposure, sleep positions and facial expressions are just a few factors that contribute to this facial aging.

English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix

English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe I speak for the majority of mature adults, in that we would all like to look and stay young looking.  The question is, how?  An important factor in keeping and staying young is collagen.  Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies (for the scientific breakdown check out it is essential for younger looking skin. Im sure you have seen commercials and ads mentioning collagen enhancing moisturizers.  Collagen added in our skincare is nothing new, but many times these magical promises of skin plumping miracles fall short.  The collagen molecules are either too large or too small or bogus all together, so the product is not helping you achieve that younger look.  Some that do work, usually give us that temporary satisfaction.  Since Im no doctor or scientist checkout they inform savvy shoppers like you and me about products and their ingredients.  This quote is taken from their site: “ is an independent skin care information portal for savvy consumers. We don’t sell skin care products or cosmetics. Nor do we endorse skin care manufacturers. Our goal is to help you make genuinely informed choices in skin care and rejuvenation.”

Theres got to be another way to get this collagen. In Asia collagen liquid drinks have been very popular.  There are many brands out there and of course they all claim they have that “magic pill” in this case “magic drink”.  New to America, Lac Taut Brand has some very impressive Data and Safety Profile this is quoted from their site:

  • “FDA classifies ingestible collagen as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)”
  • “Taut collagen peptide is comprised of 90% Type I Collagen (shown to support skin and joint health) and 10% Type III, providing the highest quality and effectiveness out of 28 types of collagen*”
  • “Taut is manufactured in Japan according to stringent GMP (good manufacturing practices)”
  • “Each ingredient is tested and certified safe by Japanese independent standards organizations”

“Packaged in sealed glass bottles for optimal sterility and integrity”  Made specificly for the American market, there is no fish taste or powders to mix, just drink! and let science do the rest.  I have not tried this product yet. I’ve been wanting to try a collagen drink, but wasn’t sure which ones were worth trying.  I was so impressed with the scientific backing, I had to write about it.  For more information on this company and product please check out their site at

There are many other ways to increase collagen.  I will continue on this subject in a series of different methods to help increase collagen to stay youthful looking.

I would like to hear from you if you’ve tried this product and what your thoughts and results were.

If you tried another brand of liquid collagen drinks please let me know which ones you liked or ones I should stay away from.

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Chinese Face Mapping

Chinese face map

Chinese face map

Mein Shiang, reading the face.  Chinese medicine says that our imbalances show up on  our faces. Each of our organs is an open window to our face.  Our eyes are windows to our liver, our nose to our lungs, our ears to our kidneys, our lips are windows to our spleen and our tongue is a window to the heart.  When our body’s energy is in perfect flow our skin will be in perfect condition.  Acne on our face and where its located could indicate an underlying cause.  Western medicines say there is little truth to this Eastern way of thinking (please see the disclaimer below).

1 and 3 Forehead: Digestive System

The Chinese believe that our forehead is connected to our bladder and digestive system.  Acne on the forehead could mean your diet is rich in dairy, sugary foods and could indicate too much alcohol. Deep lines could indicate a blocked colon and/or gallbladder.  Too much stress and irregular sleeping habits also can cause this symptom.  Drinking green tea will help cleanse out your system.

2 Liver:  Area between your eyes

This area is believed to be connected to the liver and heart.  Acne in this area means too much alcohol, dairy and/or fatty foods in your diet and needs to be reduced.  Food allergies also show up in this area.  Exercising, getting more sleep avoiding alcohol, smoking and late night snacking will help reduce the acne in this area.

4 and 10 Ears: Kidneys and Heart

If this area is hot or red you need to cut back on caffeine and alcohol.  Deep creases in the ear lobe are signs of heart problems.  Too much cholesterol.

6 and 8 Under Eyes: Kidneys

Dark circles could mean something simple as inadequate rest and/or dehydration.  Sinus allergies and Kidney problems usually show up in this area.  Drink plenty of water and cut out all coffee, tea and soda.

5 and 9 Cheeks: Heart and Respiratory System

Break-outs here could be from your cell phone and even resting dirty hands on the face.  Cheeks are linked to the respiratory system and the heart.  Fatty foods could cause break outs here.  Smokers could get those red veins on the cheek area.  Drinking alcohol, coffee, tea and sodas causes dehydration and break-outs here.  Washing your pillow case weekly, clean your cell phone daily with an alcohol-based wipe, cutting back on sugar and eating more greens will help with future break-outs.

7 Nose and Upper Lip: Stomach and Intestines

Acne on the nose area could mean high blood pressure and constipation due to poor diet.  Decrease spicy and oily foods.  Increase good fats such as Omega 3, 6 and 9.  Deep lip lines could indicate digestion problems.  Break-outs in this area could be due to food allergies.

11 and 13 Sides of Chin: Hormones

Break-outs and pigmentation in this area are hormonal related and often occur during your menstrual cycle.

12 Chin: Stomach

May need to add more fiber to your diet and consider detoxing to help with digestion.

14 Neck and Decollete:

Acne in this area usually indicates your body fighting bacteria to avoid illness.  Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest.  Lines on the neck sometimes mean thyroid problems.

I came across some very interesting articles.  You can find them below.

Whats your body telling you? Mishio Kushi Theory (face reading) 

Where your acne is and what it looks like can tell you whats causing it.

Chinese face mapping-what the skin on your face is actually telling you.

What is meant by facial mapping?

Acne Face Map


Unique Asian Skin Care for the Unique Asian Skin.

Most people think skin is …… skin, right?  Actually, thats not true.  Asian skin IS quite unique.  How so? Well, one factor is that Asian skin ages differently than Caucasian skin.  Higher levels of melanin in Asian skin causes sun induced freckles and hyperpigmentation to appear typically by mid to late 30’s.  A sure sign of aging on the Asian skin.  Caucasian skin has a thinner dermis than Asians  so fine lines and wrinkles are first signs of aging for Caucasians.  Because of different aging concerns, treating all skin types with a one-size-fits-all skin care routine is not a smart approach to your skin care regimen.  Skin care products from Asia focuses on different concerns such as skin whitening products rather than fine lines and wrinkles which are a major focus in skin care products in the United States.  Skin care formulations are light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed compared to skin care in United States.  Skin care regimens in Asia have additional products and steps compared to their counterparts in America.  It is not unusual for Japanese women to have 5 – 10 steps in their daily skin care routine compared to an American woman who typically has only 3 steps to their daily facial routine. The first big difference I noticed right off the bat is that the Japanese cleanse their face twice or double cleanse.  Working in the beauty industry, I am often asked what I do to keep my skin looking so nice.  The look of confusion I get is priceless when I tell them I wash my face twice or double cleanse.  I on the other hand find it surprising that many young girls in America that I’ve talked to not only don’t have a skin care regimen but they don’t even wash their faces in the morning or before bedtime.

PRODUCT LAYERING:  Here is a quick look and brief description on the Japanese facial regimen steps.

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

This step is for removing makeup and should be followed by a cleaner.  It is recommended that you start from the check area of your face and continue to your t-zone. Rinse with water slightly cooler than your body temperature. The oil gently lifts the makeup.

Step 2: Foam Cleanser

Cleansing should start in the t-zone (the oiliest) area of the face and work your way to the sides of the face.  Never rub or scrub your face.  The Japanese loves to use foam cleansers.   Another difference in product formulation in Asia is that the cleansers are sulphate-free and foam up into thick foam.  Use foaming net to save time and product to get your cleansers to foam up like whipped marshmallow.  The reason for the super foam is because your hands should not be rubbing the cleanser on your face.  You should have enough foam in your hands so that the foam is gently cleansing your face. Never rub your face.  Again rinse with water sightly cooler than your body temperature.

Step 3: Softener (westerners use toner)

Another step that differs from America is that Asian uses a softener.  This puts moisture back after into the skin after cleansing while boosting moisture penetration for additional products.  Westernized toners uses astringent to clean what the cleanser missed.  Stripping the skin of additional moisture.

Step 4: Eye Cream (optional)

Step 5: Sheet Mask (Optional night only)

Popular in Asia, sheet mask are usually cotton sheets soaked with a treatment essence, targeted for specific skin concerns.  Masks can be worn for 15-20 mins. After removing mask don’t rinse off product just gently pat in the remaining product on skin.  You can use a mask daily or a few times a week.

Step 6: Essence Serum

Liquid concentration of a targeted skin concern.

Step 7: Emulsion

A moisturizing treatment usually of similar targeted concerns as the essence just with less concentration.  If you have oily skin, skip Step 9.

Step 8: Spot Treatment (optional)

Use for your specific skin concern such as acne treatment, whitening serum, retinoid, etc.

Step 9: Cream (optional)

Usually a thick cream is used for skin that is dry.  You may want to add this step only at night.

*If you have oily skin skip this step.

Step 10: Sleeping Pack (optional at night only)

This provides extra moisture with targeted treatment that is left on the face while asleep.

Step 11: Sunscreen (daytime only)

You should not wear anything less than SPF 30

Learn sun protection tips for Asian Women and how to prevent age spots, HP and melasma skin discoloration.