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Ero Kawaii, Pop Diva, Kumi Koda’s newest Music Video (MV)

UPDATE: I have put up her video ‘s a few times and every time the videos are always taken down.  Im sorry, so in order to view her videos, I’ve put up a link that you can watch directly.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  From now on I will omit her from any of my future posts.

Kumi Koda is not your typical Japanese Kawaii pop artist (thank goodness, we have enough Ayumi’s) Kumi is one of only a few JPop artist using sex appeal to gain popularity. “Ero Kawaii”  literally means Erotically Cute and Kumi has made the “Ero Kawaii” her style and image.

In her latest album Beach Mix released on August 1, 2012 she includes new and club mix version of some older hits.

Kumi’s newest single was released December 5, 2o12 called Koishikute.


Go to the top, has gone to the top.  Go to the top, is Kumi’s 53rd single release and is the opening theme song for the anime Total Eclipse. Check out her live performance.


Whatcha waiting on? is a cute playful song not typical of Kumi, none the less its adorable and catchy.


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