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Slap your face to look young

Sure signs of aging or too much sun are sagging skin which can cause the appearance of enlarged pores, sagging jowls and wrinkles.  Definitely not a very attractive picture.  The latest “Asia Trend” in San Francisco right now is facial slapping.  New to the area is Tata massage, straight from Thailand this technique has been passed down a few generations and is the first face slapping facial massage in the U.S.  Tata’s slapping massage is 100% chemical free and claims to be 1,000,000 % safe!  There is just one warning: you may have a slight risk of elevated blood pressure when you see her bill.  Tata charges a whopping $350.00  for her services.  Now that is a slap in the face!

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I Have a Lover by Lee Eun Mi (Video)

My dad shared this song with me a few years ago.  The words are beautifully written and sung with such emotion.  Its beautiful!

Toyota’s Topless Model Commercial airs only in Japan (Video)

Toyota shocked the world when they recently released their new 2013 Auris Hatchback commercial.  Before you think I actually downloaded a commercial of a topless woman to share with the world, think again.  Your mind sees what it wants!!! That’s what 19 year old male model Stav Strashko who is the topless model seen in this commercial ad said.  Stav is a androgyny model.  That means he has features that could pass as either a woman or a man.  Stav has modeled for both womens and mens clothing, but he has never thought of becoming a woman and he is very comfortable in his own skin.  Read more on Strav Strashko in Candy Magazine.

Toyota’s slogan for the ad reads “Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone”.

See for yourself the ad that sparked controversy.

The commercial in this post is not mine. Please see pimenta diaria youtube channel for more videos, including this one.

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Japanese Game Show “Marshmallow Eating” (video)

Here is another Japanese Game Show, this one is “Marshmallow Eating”

Funny Japanese Game Shows “Human Cockroach Trap” (video)

One thing I remember when I was a kid was watching Japanese shows with my mom and dad.  One of my favorites are the Japanese Game Shows and Pranks.  They are so unbelievably funny.  Watching my dad literally laugh so hard when he watches the Japanese Game show and Pranks would get us all laughing even harder.  I still enjoy sharing these videos and watching the reactions of those who never saw a Japanese Game Show before.  It’s always the same reactions.  No one believes that the Japanese people would actually do these silly and sometimes dangerous pranks to unsuspecting people on the streets.

If you haven’t seen a Japanese Game Show, please take a moment and watch some of these videos.  I have literally seen and shared these videos hundreds of times, I thought it would be simpler if I just added these to my blog and continue share them with everyone else.  You honestly don’t have to understand japanese to understand the show.

This game show is the Human Cockroach Trap

Dal Shabet’s releases their full version MV for “Have, Don’t Have”

Picture from Kpopstarz

Dal Shabet’s “Don’t Have” version is already ranking number 1 on Bugs Music real time chart.  Anticipated fans long wait is now over.  Dal Shabet finally released their 2-part, full-version music video for “Have, Don’t Have”

Released on November 13, 2012 (Have, version)

Released November 14, 2014 (Don’t Have version)

2NE1’s CL and Lee Dong Wook for Cass Light Beer Commercial

Another really cool commercial.

2NE1’s CL and actor Lee Dong Wook advertising Cass Light beer. Gotta see it!

The commercial in this post is not mine.  Please check out gilbakk’s youtube for more video’s.

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Play ETUDE 2NE1’s Dara and SHINee’s Volumecara commercial (english sub)

I love watching commercials from Japan and Korea.  They are cute and so different  than ours here in America.  Check this one out.  Representing Etude, 2NE1’s Dara and SHINee’s Onew is the “Darbie” and “Oken” (thats right, like Barbie and Ken) for Etude House Lash Perm Volumecara.  Watching this makes me wanna try Volumecara, volume up, up, up

The video in my blog does not belong to me. This is the Official Youtube Page of Etude House Philippines. Check them out here.


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D-Unit “Luv Me” A Big Hit Already

This South Korean all girl band debuted their 1st album on August 1, 2012.  Already a hit overseas, D-Unit released their newest MV “Luv Me” on November 7, within a day this video reached 900,000 viewers on China’s video site.  Amazing!

Today November 10, they released their dance version of “Luv Me”.  I have them both right here so check them both out.

And for those of you who follow K-pop, the lead singer in D-Unit (Woo Ram), is T-Ara’s Boram’s sister.

LEDApple MV teaser “Let the Wind Blow”

On November 16 LEDApple will be releasing their new digital single “Let the Wind Blow” along with their new MV, but in the meantime enjoy their MV teaser of “Let the Wind Blow”