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Cream! the “New J-Pop” (MV)


Photo/Source: Sync Music Japan

Recently while shopping at Flag-J (Hawaii) and I heard this cool, catchy EDC/j-pop/ hip hop music.  “Who is this?” I thought.  I loved what I was hearing so much, I pulled out my iphone and hit Shazam. “Cream?” I never heard of them.  Their music is known as the “New J-pop” influenced by an eclectic mix of hip-hop, pop, rock and EDC sounds. This “new J-pop” sound Im really liking!  Cream, I hope you keep putting out great music!

Minami and  Staxx T released their 1st album “Dreamin” January 23, 2013 (where the hell was I)  Their Lead single “Shooting Star” ranked #1 on Usen Hit Jpop. Here is their MV “Shooting Star”

Another great song “Kissing (Flip Side)”

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J-Pop Lover

J-Pop Lover

Ozoni: Japanese New Year’s Mochi Soup

photo/source Bebe Love Ozaku

photo/source Bebe Love Ozaku


What’s better than eating Ozoni on New Year? This Japanese soup with mochi called Ozoni was believed to be exclusive to the Samurai.  Often, it was cooked during field battles and thought to have been an important meal to the Samurai.  Eating Ozoni on New Years Day has become a tradition that goes back to the Muromachi period (1336-1573).  I want to thank Keitochan for posting how to make this traditional soup and posting a video on how mochi is made.  Check out the recipe and video at

Japan Loves Miley Cyrus (MV: Adore You)

Yes, Japan loves Miley Cyrus, despite all her controversies.  Check out JapanToday.

Miley has been on the cover of a few Japanese magazines this year.

So, of course her new video “Adore You” is already off the charts all over the world! MTV named Miley artist of the year and if you look at google trend she had over 100,000 hits in the past hour of her video release. Check out her new music video Adore You below.


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Hot Nights

Hot Nights

Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa

I love Samantha Thavasa!

Samantha Thavasa

One of my favorite things to do while visiting Japan is SHOPPING! Of course! There is so much Kawaii (cute) things to see, I just cant tell you where to start.  One of my favorite things to shop for besides makeup…. clothes….. shoes…… hair accessories……(you get the idea) is purses! I fell totally in love with Samantha Thavasa.  I just HAD to have one.  Well, with the permission of my husband (he said to me one day, get anything you want!) Yes, I thought, that was my invitation to get something I really really really want…. so off I went looking for the perfect Samantha Thavasa Purse. And I found it! A pink vintage looking purse, it was perfect. I love it (and still do.) That was over a year ago… I need another one. Since I can’t visit Japan right now (there is a Samantha Thavasa store in N.Y.) I just check out their latest collection on their website and ….dream about getting one again soon….

Check out Samantha Thavasa’s website

Check out Samantha Thavasa’s commercial in Japan

Music in Samantha Thavasa’s commercial from Jpop Artist Flower singing Hatsukoi

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Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa



Fukubukuro is a Japanese tradition. This “Lucky Bag” is sold on January 1st.  These bags are usually products that have been marked down substantially usually 50% or more.  These “Lucky Bags” have been known to draw eager customers to stores in hopes to get great savings for a small price.  What makes this so fun is that these bags are completely sealed at the time of purchase, so you don’t know what your getting.

This year 2014 many retailers in Hawaii will be participating in this event.  Here is a list of retailers at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki that will be participating.  Here is a  list of retailers at the Ala Moana Shopping Center that will be participating. I also know that Sephora, Waikiki branch only, will be participating as well.  Happy shopping, I hope you find a “lucky bag.”

Hot in Waikiki

Im not so sure if Hyori Lee made the striped dress a come back, but after her video release of “Miss Korea” and “Bad Girls” I noticed that striped dresses were a hot seller among the young asian tourist visiting from Korea and Japan.  One Japanese tourist in particular was wearing a really cute striped dress, I had to ask her where she got her cute dress from. “Gap” she said “in Japan.”  Crap, that figures.   After searching Japan Gap site, I was able to find that cute dress she wore.  It was sold out.  I also checked Gap USA, and it was sold out in the size and color I needed, for weeks. (Yup, I did keep checking.)  Finally!  Finally I lucked out and I was able to order the Gap dress I saw on a tourist.  Here it is!

Miya wearing Gap 4-in-1 navy stripped Gap dress

I’m wearing Gap 4-in-1 navy stripped Gap dress
Folli Follie Fuchsia Vintage Bag and
Givenchy Le Rouge 205 lipstick

 You can check out where I got these great products here: 
Check out Hyori Lee’s MV “Bad Girls” and “Miss Korea”

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