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Lamborghini’s in Japan

OMG! This is badass check out these awesome Lamborghini’s in Japan.  Although I have to say, Im quite impressed with Steve’s Japanese…

The video in my post are not mine, please check out Steve’s POV and all of his other cool videos here.

You can also follow him at:

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Sapporo Snow Festival 2014

The Sapporo Yuki Matsuri is held annually in Japan’s Northern Island of Hokkaido.  The story of the first “Yuki Matsuri” began in 1950 with six snow statues made from local high school students, drawing in 50 thousand people. Today millions of visitors come every year to see these gigantic snow and ice sculptures that line Odori park, Tsudome and along Susukino.  Last year was a record high of 2.36 million visitors.  This year the snow festival will be from February 5 – 11, 2014.  I’ve been to Sapporo too many times to count, but I have never been able to see these wonderful life-like sculptures.  It is definitely on my bucket list.

See how the sculptors are made.

For more information please see Sapporo City’s official yuki matsuri site and Sapporo City’s official visitors site. You will be in absolute awe.

The videos in this post are not mine, please see Sapporo City’s official visitors site and Sapporo City’s official yuki matsuri site for more videos about Sapporo.

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Mini 3-D Projector In The Palm Of Your Hands

Growing up I always looked forward to going to the Japanese Market in Hawaii.  I always had so much fun looking at all the cool japanese toys, pencil cases and erasers.  I always left with a Japanese Kodomo Magazine (check out this cool video of a Japanese Kodomo Magazine here) and I usually got one of those candy boxes with a toy in them.  Tomoe Ame was and still my favorite.  Tomoe Ame, is a chewy orange candy with edible rice paper around it.  It always came with a small toy.  Today, these boxed candy with a toy are still popular, only today the toys are digital check them out. These are from Bandai, and with a little help from your phone app, these 3-D digital mini projectors are cool and trendy. 20140207-002921.jpg 20140207-002932.jpg     20140207-004102.jpg       20140207-004111.jpg       These Gundam mini projector apparently still comes with candy. 20140207-004120.jpg

You can order yours here.
The videos in this post are not mine.  Please see hakovision for more of
their videos
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Kumi Koda’s latest MV “Show Me Your Holla”

Here’s a sneak peak to Kumi’s latest MV “Show Me Your Holla”   Her new album Bon Voyage will be on sale February 26, 2014.

The video on this post are not mine.  Please see Kumi Koda‘s official site for more videos and information on her up coming concert.

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Steven Yeun Your Favorite Asian American Zombie Survivor

February 9, has got TWD fans counting down.  With Walking Dead’s 5th Season only days away, we cant help but to get excited about our favorite character, Glenn.  Steven Yeun plays Glenn in the AMC The Walking Dead horror drama.  I have to say, AMC does a fantastic job not stereotyping his Asian American character.  Glenn doesn’t play the typical computer nerd, or the geek, or foreigner with an accent, he’s just a former pizza boy before the world went to hell. In TWD, Glenn and Maggie share a romantic bi-racial relationship.  It’s rare to see an Asian male romantically involved and more seldom sexually involved with a girl thats not Asian on American television.  Kudos to AMC!  Steven plays a regular dude and the fact that he happens to be Asian, is just the cherry on top.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to be named one of the Sexiest Man of 2013 according to People magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man” edition.  This should come as no surprise for fans of The Walking Dead.

I found this awesome post in Audrey Magazine “10 reasons Glenn would make a great boyfriend” check it out.


The video in this post are not mine. Please see for this and more videos.

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Show Luo’s “Fantasy” in Japanese (MV)


Show Luo commonly known by his Chinese nickname Xiao Zhu (Little Pig) has released his single Fantasy in Japanese.  Check out this  King of C-Pop‘s music video.

The music video in this post are not mine, Please see Pony Canyon Official You Tube Channel for more videos.

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Sorry Guys, Only True Love will Unhook This Bra


Photo Credit:

Ravijour a Japanese lingerie company created a bra that will unlock if the women wearing it is in love.  The bra has a hidden sensor chip, that communicates to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. When the bra wearer’s heart rate goes up reaching the “true love rate” the bra hook is automatically released.  For now this bra is not for sale. It’s part of Ravijour’s 10th Anniversary Mood Up Campaign. With a minimum purchase of 5,000円 (about $50.00) you can enter to win a chance to test it out this bra in six different cities (you pick the city) across Japan. Five lucky couples will be selected, according to

See for their spring lingerie collection.

The video in this post is not mine, please check out Ravijourmovie for more videos on their collections.

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Duck Lips Please


You wouldn’t believe whats trending in South Korea. Permanent duck lip surgery.  Its called 입꼬리 수술 – ip-kkori susul – lip tail surgery.  Apparently, its not new, but its trending among the young girls in South Korea.  Its a procedure that turns a downward lip, upward.

Check out more pictures from


Photo Credit:

Would you want to look like “The Joker” forever?  Yes, this surgery is permanent, you can watch the procedure from Aeon Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery  called “Smile Lipt” (smile+lift= Lipt) below.

The video in this post are not mine. Please see  Aeon Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery website  for more videos of their procedures.

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ANA Pulls Racist Commercial

What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial to be racist?  ANA intention was not to be racist according to Japan Today. The commercial aired January 18th, 2014 and is spoken in english with japanese subtitles to promote ANA international flights.

In the commercial two ANA pilots talk about going to Vancouver and Hanoi. One pilot offers the other a hug, the response back was a blank stare “such a japanese reaction” (public affections between men are not common in Japan).  “Lets change the image of japanese people” said the pilot that offered a hug. This is where the commercial gets strange, “of course” replies the other pilot, now he is wearing a blonde wig and a fake big nose.  As you can imagine the ad sparked negative responses and customers canceling their loyalty cards.  ANA posted an apology on their Facebook page and has pulled the commercial.  What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial offensive?

The video in my post are not mine. You can find the video here

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Japanese Dinosaur Prank (Video)

Crazy Japanese prank.

Here are some other pranks you may enjoy.

Human cockroach trap prank  (video)

Marshmallow Eating (video)

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