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2NE1’s Album “Crush” Sweeping Music Charts


The all girl group 2NE1, released their new album “Crush” oFebruary 27, 2014 online only.  In a record time “Crush” was sweeping the music charts, and has achieved an all-kill status.  (ALL KILL : adj.; term used to refer to a song that has managed to reach the #1 spot on the 7 major music site daily charts in Korea simultaneously according to kpop dictionary).  Although, 2NE1’s track “Come Back Home,” made a clean sweep on 10 real-time online music charts including: Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Naver Music, Daum Music, Olleh, Cyworld Music, Soribada, Monkey3 and Genie.  The other eight tracks on the album are not too far behind, most are already on the top ten charts.  March 7, “Crush” will be released offline, following 2NE1’s first two concerts “All or Nothing” World Tour which begins March 1 and 2 in Seoul Korea.  

Their music video has not been released yet, but you can hear their all-kill song “Crush” from kpopMar Tube Hot

2ne1-minzy-crush-image 2ne1-dara-crush-image 2ne1-bom-crush-image 2ne1-CL-crush-image


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Lamborghini’s in Japan

OMG! This is badass check out these awesome Lamborghini’s in Japan.  Although I have to say, Im quite impressed with Steve’s Japanese…

The video in my post are not mine, please check out Steve’s POV and all of his other cool videos here.

You can also follow him at:

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Hinamatsuri Japanese Girls Day Festival

(お雛様) A picture of some Hina dolls for hinamat...

(お雛様) A picture of some Hina dolls for hinamatsuri with a lamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

March 3rd is Girl’s Day also known as Hinamatsuri or even Momo no Sekku (Peach Day).  Some may wonder why peaches are part of this tradition.  A little interesting history of this event is that before the 19th century Japan followed the Lunar calendar, which during this religious event peach blossoms were in bloom, around early April.  Today Japan follows the Gregorian calendar, so peaches are no longer in bloom during the Hinamatsuri festival, but are still symbolic of the festival.  Momo no Sekku during the latter half of the Edo period had evolved into the festival we know today.  A day to celebrate and wish for happiness and health for the young women in their families.

Hinamatsuri is an ancient Japanese custom called hina-nagashi.  It was once believed that dolls possessed the power to contain evil sprits.  During the hina-nagashi, dolls where made with straws and are set afloat down a river to the sea, taking with it troubles or bad spirits.  The origins can be traced back to China.

The custom of displaying beautiful dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, and attendants, in traditional court dress began during the Heian period (794-1185). Today, families with young girls start displaying their dolls in February, to celebrate the well-being and happiness for them in the future. They arrange these traditional dolls in Heian court attire on a five or seven-tiered platform covered with red carpet. These dolls are immediately put away after the festival, a superstition says that if the dolls are on display past March 4, your daughter will marry late in life.

Honolulu, HI


San Jose, CA


Los Angeles, CA

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

Philadelphia, PA

Sakura Pavilion

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Blogs with 200 followers or less, lets come together

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award (Photo credit: ObscuredDreamer)

Hello, hello all bloggers!!  I recently got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.  I have to say I am honored to have been nominated, but it was difficult to find blogs with 200 followers or less to nominate.  Not that none are out there, but it wasn’t easy to find.  It took some effort.  So, I thought it would be easier for any one that has 200 or less followers to post your blogs here for others to find and follow.  Maybe your blog will be the next one nominated for a blog award.  Please nothing inappropriate.  I will make the discretion to remove or allow a site to be shown on my post.  So go ahead and add your blog in the comments. I will review them ASAP.  Enjoy the camaraderie!

Dont forget to follow me for your latest and trendiest Asia Trends.  I will follow you back too, just be sure to let me know you followed!  You should let your fellow bloggers know that you followed them and to follow you back.  Im really excited!  I’ll start off by sharing the first blog that has less then 200 followers.

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WTH is The Liebster Blog Award? Because I got one….


What the heck is The Liebster Award…..? Apparently, this award is given to bloggers from bloggers.  Liebster in German means kind, sweet and beloved.  Like a chain letter, this award is passed on and it seems no one knows of the origins or when this award began. The rules are simple and has varied over time. If your blog is nominated and you accept the award:

Display the award on your blog, the simplest way is to save the image and then upload it.

Recognize and link back to the blogger that nominated you

Answer the set of questions (asked by the blogger who nominated your blog)

Nominate 10 other bloggers with 200 or less followers (not as easy as it seems)

Ask your own set of 10 questions

Finally, let your nominees know you nominated them for the award. You can do this by going on to their blog and notify them.

The choice is yours if you would like to accept the award or not.  In my opinion this just a way to discover and recognize new bloggers and welcome and encourage them to our world of blogging.

With that being said, I feel very honored to have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.  Thank you onlyinthebay for the nominee.  Wow, what an honor!!  I have never been honored in any such way before.  Thank you very much. Its been an amazing 3 months back into blogging.  My wonderful friend Keito, from has also been an amazing friend that encouraged me to start back into blogging again, every time he saw me.  No matter how much excuses I had, Keito had a reason why I needed to stop giving excuses.  Thanks Keito!

Recently, I’ve had wonderful comments on my posts, I’ve had coworkers tell me they follow my blog, I never even told them I had a blog, that makes me feel so honored.  Thank you all for the encouragement, thank you for pushing me and thank you for sharing and retweeting. Now for the questions my nominee onlyinthebay asked me:

1. What got you to start blogging?

For me, I wanted to share my love for my culture.  Im half Japanese and I’ve always been proud to be Asian. I want to be recognized as an Asian American Blogger

2. How long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging in September 2012, I believe.  After a few months, I stopped.  I just started blogging again in December 2013 so technically about 6 maybe 7 months, just not consistent.  This award helps to encourage me as well.  

3. What do you have a hard time with in terms of writing?

I have the hardest time thinking what I should blog about.  I start writing many times and I change my mind half way through, thinking it may not be a topic anyone would like to read about. 

4. What kind of movies do you like?

Oh boy, movies…… I like adventures and comedy the most.  

5. What is one dish you can not live with out?

Rice, I think for me it would definitely be japanese rice.  

6. Is there a specific spot you like to be when you write? if so where?

I usually sit on the floor in the living room, using our Ikea footstool as my table.  

7. If there is one place in the world you would like to go to right now; where would that be and who would you bring with you?

Thats easy, Japan.  Sapporo, to be exact.  I’d bring my husband and children of course.  

8. If you were to go to a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?

I’d bring my husband, a blanket and a knife

9. What is the strangest food you have ever tried?

Fried plantation

10. Have you ever been nominated for a liebster award before?

No, Never. Many thanks again for the nominee and for this opportunity, onlyinthebay.

Now for my 10 nominees for The Liebster Award:

My set of questions are:

1. Please tell us what made you want to start blogging?

2. If you were famous what would it be for?

3. What makes you smile?

4. What advise would like to share with other new or newer bloggers?

5. Do you have a favorite blogger or blog to visit and why?

6. Who or what inspires you and why?

7. If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go and why?

8. What is your favorite meal?

9. Is there a beauty product you can’t live without?

10. Favorite animal?

It was hard for me to find blogs with 200 or less followers.  Its not always easy to discern how many followers some blogs have.  So, if you have more than 200, my apologies.  No one is obligated to accept this award.  I know some blogs may not except awards, that is not always easy to discern too.  Again, my apologies if I included your site.

I was also thinking of just starting a post for anyone who has 200 or less followers to just leave their blog post for others to easily recognize and follow.  Stay tuned, I may be doing something like that in the near future……

Don’t forget to follow me for the latest asian trends….

This is all in fun and thank you.

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It’s a 10, Miracle Leave-In Product


it’s a 10
photo credit:

Recently, I was given a full size sample of It’s a 10, miracle leave-in product.  This is a leave in moisturizer that claims it does 10 things instantly:

1. Repairs dry, damaged hair

2. Adds shine

3. Detangles

4. Controls frizz

5. Seals and protects hair color

6. Prevents split ends

7. Stops hair breakage

8. Creates silkiness

9. Enhances natural body

10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector

After shampooing my hair, while still wet I sprayed about 4 pumps of It’s a 10 in my hand and spread through my hair evenly.  I noticed immediately the floral scent.  After air drying for about an hour, I blowed dried my hair and added a little more product before flat ironing my hair.  I noticed 5 of their 10 claims right away.  My hair was shiny, detangled, not frizzy, silky and smooth. I also used it as a flat iron spray and thermal protector. This product is easy to use.  I like to use it on towel dried hair and spraying the product directly in my hand for more controlled application.  When using on dry hair, hair appears more shiny and again smells really nice, this is a great way to refreshen your hair.  This product is amazing and gives exceptional results in just one application, I give it a 10!

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Sapporo Snow Festival 2014

The Sapporo Yuki Matsuri is held annually in Japan’s Northern Island of Hokkaido.  The story of the first “Yuki Matsuri” began in 1950 with six snow statues made from local high school students, drawing in 50 thousand people. Today millions of visitors come every year to see these gigantic snow and ice sculptures that line Odori park, Tsudome and along Susukino.  Last year was a record high of 2.36 million visitors.  This year the snow festival will be from February 5 – 11, 2014.  I’ve been to Sapporo too many times to count, but I have never been able to see these wonderful life-like sculptures.  It is definitely on my bucket list.

See how the sculptors are made.

For more information please see Sapporo City’s official yuki matsuri site and Sapporo City’s official visitors site. You will be in absolute awe.

The videos in this post are not mine, please see Sapporo City’s official visitors site and Sapporo City’s official yuki matsuri site for more videos about Sapporo.

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Mini 3-D Projector In The Palm Of Your Hands

Growing up I always looked forward to going to the Japanese Market in Hawaii.  I always had so much fun looking at all the cool japanese toys, pencil cases and erasers.  I always left with a Japanese Kodomo Magazine (check out this cool video of a Japanese Kodomo Magazine here) and I usually got one of those candy boxes with a toy in them.  Tomoe Ame was and still my favorite.  Tomoe Ame, is a chewy orange candy with edible rice paper around it.  It always came with a small toy.  Today, these boxed candy with a toy are still popular, only today the toys are digital check them out. These are from Bandai, and with a little help from your phone app, these 3-D digital mini projectors are cool and trendy. 20140207-002921.jpg 20140207-002932.jpg     20140207-004102.jpg       20140207-004111.jpg       These Gundam mini projector apparently still comes with candy. 20140207-004120.jpg

You can order yours here.
The videos in this post are not mine.  Please see hakovision for more of
their videos
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CL, New Face for Maybelline New York

Embedded image permalink
Maybe she’s born with it! CL from K-Pop girl band 2NE1 was definitely was born with it.  No surgery for this beautiful Asian, she’s all natural beauty.  Rare today with the Korean super surgery quest these days, especially for anyone in the entertainment business.  We love her and her beauty.  Keep rocking it CL!!!
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Kumi Koda’s latest MV “Show Me Your Holla”

Here’s a sneak peak to Kumi’s latest MV “Show Me Your Holla”   Her new album Bon Voyage will be on sale February 26, 2014.

The video on this post are not mine.  Please see Kumi Koda‘s official site for more videos and information on her up coming concert.

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