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Traveling to Japan


For the past few weeks I’ve been planing a trip to Tokyo and Sapporo. One of the best airline ticket price finder I used was sky scanner. With sky scanner, you can set up air ticket price alerts to be sent to your email. You can even have them alert you if the ticket your looking for reaches a certain price you have in mind. You have the control when to be alerted.
If you haven’t been to Japan, just know Japan doesn’t offer free wifi everywhere. Renting a pocket wifi is the best and cheapest way to get convenient internet while vacationing there. This trip I rented a pocket wifi from Global Advanced Communications. When I was looking up companies that offered pocket wifi rentals, several companies came up. I’m always weary about giving information and sending payments to a company overseas. I can assure you that this company is legit. I took a chance and ordered my pocket wifi, I even had it sent to my hotel. Upon check-in my wifi was already here, super convenient. The two week rental cost me around ¥7,650 (about $76.50) this includes the prepaid envelope to send the pocket wifi back. I love it and glad I got it. Follow me around the next 14 days as I will be traveling around Tokyo and Sapporo.


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