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Madonna Introduces Her New Skin Care Line In Japan. Watch it Now!

Madonna with MTG Beauty Company created her new line of skin care products.  MDNA consists of three products: Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvinator and The Serum, sold only in Japan. Unfortunately I didn’t see her products while in Japan. But you can at least see her commercial here.

The video in this post is not mine. Please see for more information on this product.

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George Clooney – Kirin Beer Commercial in Japan

This commercial is adorable, I saw it while visiting Japan March 2014.


The video in this post are not mine, but was uploaded from Lost in Translation

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ANA Pulls Racist Commercial

What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial to be racist?  ANA intention was not to be racist according to Japan Today. The commercial aired January 18th, 2014 and is spoken in english with japanese subtitles to promote ANA international flights.

In the commercial two ANA pilots talk about going to Vancouver and Hanoi. One pilot offers the other a hug, the response back was a blank stare “such a japanese reaction” (public affections between men are not common in Japan).  “Lets change the image of japanese people” said the pilot that offered a hug. This is where the commercial gets strange, “of course” replies the other pilot, now he is wearing a blonde wig and a fake big nose.  As you can imagine the ad sparked negative responses and customers canceling their loyalty cards.  ANA posted an apology on their Facebook page and has pulled the commercial.  What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial offensive?

The video in my post are not mine. You can find the video here

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I love Samantha Thavasa!

Samantha Thavasa

One of my favorite things to do while visiting Japan is SHOPPING! Of course! There is so much Kawaii (cute) things to see, I just cant tell you where to start.  One of my favorite things to shop for besides makeup…. clothes….. shoes…… hair accessories……(you get the idea) is purses! I fell totally in love with Samantha Thavasa.  I just HAD to have one.  Well, with the permission of my husband (he said to me one day, get anything you want!) Yes, I thought, that was my invitation to get something I really really really want…. so off I went looking for the perfect Samantha Thavasa Purse. And I found it! A pink vintage looking purse, it was perfect. I love it (and still do.) That was over a year ago… I need another one. Since I can’t visit Japan right now (there is a Samantha Thavasa store in N.Y.) I just check out their latest collection on their website and ….dream about getting one again soon….

Check out Samantha Thavasa’s website

Check out Samantha Thavasa’s commercial in Japan

Music in Samantha Thavasa’s commercial from Jpop Artist Flower singing Hatsukoi

The commercial in my blog are not mine, but are from Samantha Thavasa’s official website at

The music video in my blog are not mine, but are from Flowers official website.  Please see their website for more videos at 


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Toyota’s Topless Model Commercial airs only in Japan (Video)

Toyota shocked the world when they recently released their new 2013 Auris Hatchback commercial.  Before you think I actually downloaded a commercial of a topless woman to share with the world, think again.  Your mind sees what it wants!!! That’s what 19 year old male model Stav Strashko who is the topless model seen in this commercial ad said.  Stav is a androgyny model.  That means he has features that could pass as either a woman or a man.  Stav has modeled for both womens and mens clothing, but he has never thought of becoming a woman and he is very comfortable in his own skin.  Read more on Strav Strashko in Candy Magazine.

Toyota’s slogan for the ad reads “Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone”.

See for yourself the ad that sparked controversy.

The commercial in this post is not mine. Please see pimenta diaria youtube channel for more videos, including this one.

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2NE1’s CL and Lee Dong Wook for Cass Light Beer Commercial

Another really cool commercial.

2NE1’s CL and actor Lee Dong Wook advertising Cass Light beer. Gotta see it!

The commercial in this post is not mine.  Please check out gilbakk’s youtube for more video’s.

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Play ETUDE 2NE1’s Dara and SHINee’s Volumecara commercial (english sub)

I love watching commercials from Japan and Korea.  They are cute and so different  than ours here in America.  Check this one out.  Representing Etude, 2NE1’s Dara and SHINee’s Onew is the “Darbie” and “Oken” (thats right, like Barbie and Ken) for Etude House Lash Perm Volumecara.  Watching this makes me wanna try Volumecara, volume up, up, up

The video in my blog does not belong to me. This is the Official Youtube Page of Etude House Philippines. Check them out here.


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