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Best places to get your Fukubukuro 2015


January 1 of every year, a Japanese tradition is celebrated here in Hawaii. Fukubukuro, meaning “lucky bag,” is a Japanese new year custom where merchants fill bags with popular items and sell them for substantial discount, usually 50% off or more.  The shoppers aren’t able to see inside the bag, until after the bag is purchased.  This tradition began in Tokyo in the early 20th century.  Japanese superstition has says the good fortune in one’s Fukubukuro bag, reflects the luck they will have in the New Year.

Ala Moana Shopping Center list here

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center’s participant





Fukubukuro is a Japanese tradition. This “Lucky Bag” is sold on January 1st.  These bags are usually products that have been marked down substantially usually 50% or more.  These “Lucky Bags” have been known to draw eager customers to stores in hopes to get great savings for a small price.  What makes this so fun is that these bags are completely sealed at the time of purchase, so you don’t know what your getting.

This year 2014 many retailers in Hawaii will be participating in this event.  Here is a list of retailers at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki that will be participating.  Here is a  list of retailers at the Ala Moana Shopping Center that will be participating. I also know that Sephora, Waikiki branch only, will be participating as well.  Happy shopping, I hope you find a “lucky bag.”