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Does your face give away your age?

Old lady

Old lady (Photo credit: N.Calzas)

Crepey skin and turkey neck can make you look older than you really are. Varying from person to person, signs of aging begins in our late 20’s (eeks!).  Sagging skin, crows feet and marionette lines (smile lines when your not smiling) are signs of facial aging. Smoking, pollution, sun exposure, sleep positions and facial expressions are just a few factors that contribute to this facial aging.

English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix

English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe I speak for the majority of mature adults, in that we would all like to look and stay young looking.  The question is, how?  An important factor in keeping and staying young is collagen.  Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies (for the scientific breakdown check out SmartSkincare.com) it is essential for younger looking skin. Im sure you have seen commercials and ads mentioning collagen enhancing moisturizers.  Collagen added in our skincare is nothing new, but many times these magical promises of skin plumping miracles fall short.  The collagen molecules are either too large or too small or bogus all together, so the product is not helping you achieve that younger look.  Some that do work, usually give us that temporary satisfaction.  Since Im no doctor or scientist checkout SmartSkincare.com they inform savvy shoppers like you and me about products and their ingredients.  This quote is taken from their site: “SmartSkinCare.com is an independent skin care information portal for savvy consumers. We don’t sell skin care products or cosmetics. Nor do we endorse skin care manufacturers. Our goal is to help you make genuinely informed choices in skin care and rejuvenation.”

Theres got to be another way to get this collagen. In Asia collagen liquid drinks have been very popular.  There are many brands out there and of course they all claim they have that “magic pill” in this case “magic drink”.  New to America, Lac Taut Brand has some very impressive Data and Safety Profile this is quoted from their site:

  • “FDA classifies ingestible collagen as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)”
  • “Taut collagen peptide is comprised of 90% Type I Collagen (shown to support skin and joint health) and 10% Type III, providing the highest quality and effectiveness out of 28 types of collagen*”
  • “Taut is manufactured in Japan according to stringent GMP (good manufacturing practices)”
  • “Each ingredient is tested and certified safe by Japanese independent standards organizations”

“Packaged in sealed glass bottles for optimal sterility and integrity”  Made specificly for the American market, there is no fish taste or powders to mix, just drink! and let science do the rest.  I have not tried this product yet. I’ve been wanting to try a collagen drink, but wasn’t sure which ones were worth trying.  I was so impressed with the scientific backing, I had to write about it.  For more information on this company and product please check out their site at www.renewalliance.com

There are many other ways to increase collagen.  I will continue on this subject in a series of different methods to help increase collagen to stay youthful looking.

I would like to hear from you if you’ve tried this product and what your thoughts and results were.

If you tried another brand of liquid collagen drinks please let me know which ones you liked or ones I should stay away from.

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Pro Makeup Brushes for the Everyday Gal

my makeup brushes

Some of my Makeup brushes

I am often asked which makeup brushes are the best.  I can only speak for the ones I have personally tried and I have tried quite a few different ones.  My personal favorites are from 2 different brands.  Sephora Pro-Brushes and MUD Brushes. Sephora-Pro brushes were created with high quality natural hair and synthetic hair.  The synthetic brushes offer a tricolor blend of bristle and anti-bacteria treatment to keep your concealer and foundation hygienic. Each brush is hand cut, and dipped in black lacquer 9x giving it a beautiful shinny finish.  The feral is chrome-finished with the brush number and sephora flame etched in. This chrome will never fade or tarnish. There are 40 Pro-brushes in this collection. My ultimate favorite in this collection are the foundation brush #56 Pro Flawless Airbrush for the ultimate foundation finish (#58 would be my second foundation brush choice), Angled Blush Brush #49 for the perfect cheeks, Precision Concealer Brush #45 for the perfect concealer blend and the Pro Airbrush #55 for ultra smooth powder finish. MUD (Makeup Designoryis another great must have for every gal’s makeup brush collection. This unique collection of high quality premium brushes is designed to ensure perfect performance. Only the finest natural and synthetic fibers are chosen for each brush. My personal favorites are the 210 Angle Liner Brush for perfect precise lines. 330 Shadow Fluff Brush for perfect shadow application and Crease Brush 800 for the perfect crease blending.


Apparently, my cat Maili loves my brushes too!


Maili, just loves my brushes!


Pro-Brushes for the everyday gal

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