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Bizarre Art Display made of Human Bones

jawbone-artIt looks like something straight out of a horror film.  Two tall glass towers filled with over 2,000 jawbone fragments. These were on display as art in an upscale plastic surgeons clinic. These are actual bone fragments that were removed from approximately 1,000 of this surgeon’s patients.  The purpose of the gruesome art display was to show potential patients the skillfulness of the surgeon.  Sort of like a piece-of-mind for the patients before the surgery.  After publishing pictures on the internet of his clinic with the jawbones art, the photo received negative comments and complaints were filed with local authorities.  The surgeon was fined 3 million won or $2,796 for not properly disposing by-products from surgery.   A small fine to pay for this surgeon who charges $3,200 for the popular V-shape jaw surgery.

Check out before and after photos for the V-Line procedure.  Please note these pictures are from an actual clinic in Korea and is NOT the same surgeon that was fined in this post for the jaw bone tower.   

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