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Best places to get your Fukubukuro 2015


January 1 of every year, a Japanese tradition is celebrated here in Hawaii. Fukubukuro, meaning “lucky bag,” is a Japanese new year custom where merchants fill bags with popular items and sell them for substantial discount, usually 50% off or more.  The shoppers aren’t able to see inside the bag, until after the bag is purchased.  This tradition began in Tokyo in the early 20th century.  Japanese superstition has says the good fortune in one’s Fukubukuro bag, reflects the luck they will have in the New Year.

Ala Moana Shopping Center list here

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center’s participant



Steven Yeun Your Favorite Asian American Zombie Survivor

February 9, has got TWD fans counting down.  With Walking Dead’s 5th Season only days away, we cant help but to get excited about our favorite character, Glenn.  Steven Yeun plays Glenn in the AMC The Walking Dead horror drama.  I have to say, AMC does a fantastic job not stereotyping his Asian American character.  Glenn doesn’t play the typical computer nerd, or the geek, or foreigner with an accent, he’s just a former pizza boy before the world went to hell. In TWD, Glenn and Maggie share a romantic bi-racial relationship.  It’s rare to see an Asian male romantically involved and more seldom sexually involved with a girl thats not Asian on American television.  Kudos to AMC!  Steven plays a regular dude and the fact that he happens to be Asian, is just the cherry on top.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to be named one of the Sexiest Man of 2013 according to People magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man” edition.  This should come as no surprise for fans of The Walking Dead.

I found this awesome post in Audrey Magazine “10 reasons Glenn would make a great boyfriend” check it out.


The video in this post are not mine. Please see people.com for this and more videos.

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Ailee an upcoming Asian American Diva


Born and raised in America and known as Amy Lee to her friends, and as Ailee on youtube.  This young Asian American performer is an amazing singer that can really belt it out!!  Ailee made headlines after her performance of Beyonce’s Halo on MBC’s Chuseok special ‘Singers and Trainers’ check out her performance video below.

Ailee first solo debut song ‘Heaven’ was released on February 9, 2012 which dominated the Cyworld music awards.

On October 16, Ailee released her song along with the MV “I’ll show you” on her mini album Invitation.  See MV below.

Ailee is now starting to promote her next song on her album “Evening Sky” another amazing song.  Stay tuned for her MV in the near future.

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