Mini 3-D Projector In The Palm Of Your Hands

Growing up I always looked forward to going to the Japanese Market in Hawaii.  I always had so much fun looking at all the cool japanese toys, pencil cases and erasers.  I always left with a Japanese Kodomo Magazine (check out this cool video of a Japanese Kodomo Magazine here) and I usually got one of those candy boxes with a toy in them.  Tomoe Ame was and still my favorite.  Tomoe Ame, is a chewy orange candy with edible rice paper around it.  It always came with a small toy.  Today, these boxed candy with a toy are still popular, only today the toys are digital check them out. These are from Bandai, and with a little help from your phone app, these 3-D digital mini projectors are cool and trendy. 20140207-002921.jpg 20140207-002932.jpg     20140207-004102.jpg       20140207-004111.jpg       These Gundam mini projector apparently still comes with candy. 20140207-004120.jpg

You can order yours here.
The videos in this post are not mine.  Please see hakovision for more of
their videos
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