ANA Pulls Racist Commercial

What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial to be racist?  ANA intention was not to be racist according to Japan Today. The commercial aired January 18th, 2014 and is spoken in english with japanese subtitles to promote ANA international flights.

In the commercial two ANA pilots talk about going to Vancouver and Hanoi. One pilot offers the other a hug, the response back was a blank stare “such a japanese reaction” (public affections between men are not common in Japan).  “Lets change the image of japanese people” said the pilot that offered a hug. This is where the commercial gets strange, “of course” replies the other pilot, now he is wearing a blonde wig and a fake big nose.  As you can imagine the ad sparked negative responses and customers canceling their loyalty cards.  ANA posted an apology on their Facebook page and has pulled the commercial.  What are your thoughts? Do you find this commercial offensive?

The video in my post are not mine. You can find the video here

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2 responses to “ANA Pulls Racist Commercial

  1. Seems to me like they were trying to say people can adapt to different cultures. In a weird way


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