Cream! the “New J-Pop” (MV)


Photo/Source: Sync Music Japan

Recently while shopping at Flag-J (Hawaii) and I heard this cool, catchy EDC/j-pop/ hip hop music.  “Who is this?” I thought.  I loved what I was hearing so much, I pulled out my iphone and hit Shazam. “Cream?” I never heard of them.  Their music is known as the “New J-pop” influenced by an eclectic mix of hip-hop, pop, rock and EDC sounds. This “new J-pop” sound Im really liking!  Cream, I hope you keep putting out great music!

Minami and  Staxx T released their 1st album “Dreamin” January 23, 2013 (where the hell was I)  Their Lead single “Shooting Star” ranked #1 on Usen Hit Jpop. Here is their MV “Shooting Star”

Another great song “Kissing (Flip Side)”

Please check out Cream’s homepage at

Music Videos on my blog are not mine, but are from the official Cream Website. Please check out more of their awesome music at:


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