Toyota’s Topless Model Commercial airs only in Japan (Video)

Toyota shocked the world when they recently released their new 2013 Auris Hatchback commercial.  Before you think I actually downloaded a commercial of a topless woman to share with the world, think again.  Your mind sees what it wants!!! That’s what 19 year old male model Stav Strashko who is the topless model seen in this commercial ad said.  Stav is a androgyny model.  That means he has features that could pass as either a woman or a man.  Stav has modeled for both womens and mens clothing, but he has never thought of becoming a woman and he is very comfortable in his own skin.  Read more on Strav Strashko in Candy Magazine.

Toyota’s slogan for the ad reads “Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone”.

See for yourself the ad that sparked controversy.

The commercial in this post is not mine. Please see pimenta diaria youtube channel for more videos, including this one.

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