Funny Japanese Game Shows “Human Cockroach Trap” (video)

One thing I remember when I was a kid was watching Japanese shows with my mom and dad.  One of my favorites are the Japanese Game Shows and Pranks.  They are so unbelievably funny.  Watching my dad literally laugh so hard when he watches the Japanese Game show and Pranks would get us all laughing even harder.  I still enjoy sharing these videos and watching the reactions of those who never saw a Japanese Game Show before.  It’s always the same reactions.  No one believes that the Japanese people would actually do these silly and sometimes dangerous pranks to unsuspecting people on the streets.

If you haven’t seen a Japanese Game Show, please take a moment and watch some of these videos.  I have literally seen and shared these videos hundreds of times, I thought it would be simpler if I just added these to my blog and continue share them with everyone else.  You honestly don’t have to understand japanese to understand the show.

This game show is the Human Cockroach Trap


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