Squid Ink, The Miracle Dye

Squid Ink, can it be good for you?  Recent studies have found that ink from squid has potential anti-cancer properties.  New studies show the Squid Ink could prevent tumor metastasis and possible angiogenesis.  Squid Ink also is used to enhance the flavor of food and be used as color in certain dishes such as rice and pasta.

This is black pasta, or squid ink pasta. Usual...

This is black pasta, or squid ink pasta. Usually it is tossed with mussels or other seafood, but I’m on a budget here, so it was zucchini, garlic, and olive oil for us. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Huffington Post reported a new trend in Japan.  For a limited time Japan’s Burger King is advertising their new Kuro Burgers.  Kuro Burger meaning Black Burger in japanese, are hamburgers with black buns that made with bamboo charcoal and ketchup made from Squid Ink.

BK Squid Ink Burger

BK Squid Ink Burger (Photo credit: Takoyaki_King)

According to LiveStrong.com, Squid Ink’s main ingredient is melanin, the same matter that gives color to skin and hair.  Squid ink is a natural component and is the perfect ingredient for dyeing your hair a dark color.  Unless you are allergic to Squid ink, it is an excellent choice since it does not contain impurities.  For me personally I have used HI-Speed Squid Ink hair dye.  It’s amazing!  There is no need to put vaseline around the hairline because it does not stain the skin.  When rinsing the product out you do not need to use shampoo because it rinses clean.  Another plus with using this product is that the color gradually fades away, therefore there is no mark when the new hair grows in.  I must say, after washing the product out, my hair is very soft and shiny.  Squid Ink, the Miracle Dye, Asia’s new Trend.

Photos by AsiaTrend

Photos by AsiaTrend

Photos by AsiaTrend

Photos by AsiaTrend


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