Update: 14 lifeguards fired in El Monte, CA

Another meeting on October 16, 2012 ,was packed with supporters of the former El Monte, “Gangnam Style” lifeguards. On a 3-2 vote, council members propose that the lifeguards have their jobs reinstated.  Nearly two months of investigation and court battle   most of the lifeguards will not be returning to their jobs.

“I think I will just resign and have my record reclaimed because this is taking too long, and it’s just too stressful,” said 20-year-old Baldwin Park resident Amelia Rangel. “I just want to put it behind me already and move on.”

Senior lifeguard Daniel Surmenian said that although he was still debating the decision, he doubted the Aquatic Center would be a positive work environment upon his return.

“(I would go back) if I felt safe going back there and thought I wouldn’t be targeted in any way,” he said. “It would be difficult with the management right now.”  Reported the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. 


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