Asian Women’s Secret to Flawless Younger Skin

What is the difference between American women and Asian women? For the typical American woman, she is obsessed with body image.  Whereas, a woman from Asia is obsessed with flawless skin.  Japan is the largest skin care consumption per capita in the world.

1. “Japan has the world’s oldest population, with 22% over the age of 65 in 2007. According to Euromonitor International, ‘The country is the biggest consumer of skin care on a per capita basis. In 2007, Japan accounted for 20% of global skin care consumption with $13.1 billion in sales, while making up only 2% of the global population.'” *

In Asia, skin is the most important part of a beauty regiment.  Good skin equals good health and beauty.  Despite the popularity of some westernized types of surgery in Asia, Asian women are obsessed with keeping up their youthful appearance in the traditional way.  Asians are not as passionate about stripping the skin with chemical peels as Americans are, rather they like to plump the skin, giving a more youthful look. Many Japanese and Korean girls spend hours on just skin care routine.  So whats the secret?  The secret is Japanese facial massage.

Japanese facial massage focuses on prevention and detoxifying.  Developed to improve health and longevity,  the Japanese have perfected the facial massage over centuries.  A specific technique called Ko Bi Do is used for balancing ki for overall health improvement.

Western vs. Eastern facial massage.

Western facial massages mainly focuses on the external skin.  This typically is a gentle massage with light touches and strokes and could include treating a skin concern with topical skin regiments. Chemical peel such as glycolic peel are common.

Eastern facial massages mainly focuses on the condition of the skin internally, focusing on acupressure points to balance (ki) internal organs.  The Japanese facial massage uses deeper pressure and deep kneading to stimulate the muscles beneath the skin, increasing blood circulation.  This in turn will reduce wrinkles, repair and balance the skin, and minimize the aging process.

Typically Asian women will include some form of this massage in their daily skin care routine.  The Tanaka Massage is one of the simpler routines and can be done by yourself.

* 1.


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