Keeping Asia A Breast, What Asia is doing about breast cancer awareness!

Pink Tokyo Tower

Pink Tokyo Tower (Photo credit: Zengame)

It is a fact that in Asia the statistics for women and breast cancer is quite low compared to America.  In America 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in her life time.  That is 5 times higher than the women in Japan according to Doctor Murray.  Nonetheless, that number is on the rise for asian women.  The social stigma behind breast cancer in Japan, S. Korea and China is almost unbearable for many women, many would rather go untreated.  Still today there are some that believe that Asian women don’t get breast cancer.  Today, S. Korea, Japan and China are trying to educate and erase the social stigmatism about Breast Cancer.  See how these countries are raising awareness on Breast Cancer.


Every October the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel light’s up in Pink, for Breast Cancer Awareness. ¥400 will be donated for every sale from the Pink restaurant or Spa promotional to the Japan Association of Breast Cancer Screening and Keep A Breast Japan.  Hotel staff are wearing pink ribbon pins and are handing out  early detection pamphlets to their guests.

Nagoya Castle in Nagoya, Aichi Japan has joined in the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign too by illuminating in Pink! on October 1, 2012.

Tokyo Skytree, the newest and tallest structure in Japan and the tallest tower in the world (2,080 ft) lit up in pink on October 1, 2012.  Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka and Kobe Port Towerall went pink!

S. Korea:

Women pose in front of posters of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Seoul, South Korea.

Amore Pacific supports KBCF (Korea Breast Cancer Foundation) by providing low-income families with preventive examination, research on breast related diseases and supporting operation charges.

GM Chevrolet shows off a pink car in Cheonggye Square, Korea, in support of Breast Cancer.


Chinese Government Health Agency and hospitals target prevention and treatment in women between ages 35 – 54.  Studies have shown that Chinese women in this age group are not  likely to talk about the disease openly.

Famous artists participated in “Pink Artists” in support of Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign on Sept 29, 2012.

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation HKBCF, is dedicated to support the local community through education, support and research.

YesStyle ( is the leading online Asian Fashion Retailer from all over Asia.  YesStyle is promoting breast cancer prevention awareness through their video.  It’s easy, you too can help support breast cancer prevention awareness by watching and then sharing their breast cancer video.  YesStyle will donate monetary donations to National Breast Cancer Foundation ( for every single view and every single video share you do.  It’s that easy.  So start watching and sharing, because sharing is caring.


2 responses to “Keeping Asia A Breast, What Asia is doing about breast cancer awareness!

  1. Asia is bring public awareness to their citizens by lighting up popular areas in pink. This is a big step towards awareness in countries like Japan, China and Korea. Many other companies are stepping forward and openly supports breast cancer awareness. The women in these countries did not talk about breast cancer openly in the past. Because of the government stepping forward and bring these awareness to the public, many women in Asia are feeling more comfortable going to the doctors and actually getting tested for breast cancer. Early detection is key for survival. These small steps collectively are a huge leap towards bringing awareness to the women in Asia and even for women of Asian decent here in America.


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