The next generation of B.B Cream has arrived! C.C Cream!

Rachel K

Rachel K (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While America is only starting to catch on to the B.B. cream wave, Japan and S. Korea have already moved on to the new wave of C.C. cream.   What is CC cream? C.C. cream also called color corrector cream, is the new and improved B.B. cream.  CC cream focuses on enhancing your skin color and tone with amped up skin care benefits like green tea leaf extracts to detox your skin, white tea extracts a super antioxidant that stops free radicals and deep sea water for increased hydration penetration.  In Japan and S. Korea, Rachel K CC cream is number 1, formulated with pure minerals.

Currently the C.C. cream is only available in Asia.  The first C.C. creams to hit U.S.A. seems to be the drug store brand Oil of Olay.  Soon to be released October 2012.


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